Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mixing colors!

      Today it's nails time! As many girls, I like to spend time doing my nails, but sometimes it's hard to fond a good moment to do it. In my case, I can use any free moment to do it. It can be from a relax night, to one day on the subway or while I'm having a break. For me it's also a way that I have to relax and it makes me feel better with myself. Those times that I have time I like to try to be creative and do something special with my nails, I'm a big fan of nails art! 
      I did my nails like this for the first time last summer and since them I've done it many times, because it's a way to be creative without the necessity of buying more colors or accessories. 

You're going to need:
- A toothpick or a needle.
- Two or more nail colors. In my case I used:


      Then put one drop of each nail polish on each nail and merge them with the toothpick. It's easier to do if you use a similar base before and then you paint it over with the colors that you choose before. Once they dry put an over coat so they are going to stay longer and better. Here you have the result:


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